Pro-Am Booth: Best Kept Secret?

Great American Beer Festival ProAm

If this is your first Great American Beer Festival, here’s an insider tip: make a beeline for the Pro-Am booth!

What’s the Pro-Am Booth All About?

The Pro-Am booth pours beers brewed by professional craft brewers based on award-winning homebrew recipes from American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members. Homebrew recipes are scaled up and brewed at a craft brewery for submission into the competition. In 2015, 96 entries will vie for a spot atop the podium.

Where Craft Beer Gets Back to Its Homebrew Roots

True fact: Most brewers at your favorite craft breweries got their start at home (or college dorm room). What’s more, a great many pros continue to homebrew as a way to experiment with new ingredients, techniques and styles.

Spirit of Collaboration

“The brewing community is among the most collaborative groups of people out there, and the Pro-Am competition is the epitome of collaboration, bringing together homebrewers and commercial brewers,” says Chris Swersey, GABF competition manager. “It’s is a wonderful opportunity for homebrewers to show off their creativity with the help of established brewers.”

Best part? At the Pro-Am booth, YOU get to sample the delicious product of these professional-amateur partnerships.

Great American Beer Festival ProAm