Are You a Beer Geek?

Have you been known to “geek out” about beer or brewing?

There’s no shame in that, friend! You’ll have lots of company at the Great American Beer Festival.

If you proudly wear the beer geek label, we suggest adding the Beer Geek Bookstore to your GABF itinerary. Located near the merchandise area, the Beer Geek Bookstore stocks perennial favorites and the latest bestsellers from Brewers Publications and other publishers.

40+ Titles Dedicated to Your Favorite Fermented Beverage

At the Beer Geek Bookstore, there is something for everyone who likes learning about beer, brewing, travel, cooking with beer and more. Looking for a history of beer told in comic form? Check. Want tips on pairing beer with cookies? Check. Want to learn how to make your own delicious brew at home? Check.

Author Signings

Snag a book and get it signed by the likes of Charlie Papazian, Randy Mosher, Sam Calagione, John Palmer and Garrett Oliver. Check out the full schedule of author signings.

Exclusive: Get a Free Beer Caddy with Your Purchase!

With every purchase at the Beer Geek Bookstore, we’ll include a free beer caddy to hold your taster glass (so you can have both hands free for high fives, dance moves, etc.).

Get a beer caddy with your purchase at the Beer Geek Bookstore, yo!