Donate Beer

Not able to commit to a pouring booth at the festival this year? There are many other ways to promote your brewery and have your beer featured at the festival.

Wish We Were Here Taproom: A space designed for those that couldn’t come pour at the festival but would like to have their beer featured. This was a very popular addition in 2022 and we anticipate that it will continue to grow. Brewers can register to send up to two different brands of packaged product to be served at Wish We Were Were Here. Beer can be sent via one of our 25-plus drop-off points or shipped directly to Colorado.

Heavy Medal Taproom: Have you recently won a medal at GABF or World Beer Cup and would like to have that beer featured among other award-winning beers? You can register to send up to two of your award-winning beers (packaged product only) to be served at the Heavy Medal Taproom.

Non-Alcoholic Taproom: NEW for 2023! This taproom provides breweries the ability to feature their NA products at the festival. Packaged product only.

Gluten-Free Taproom: Gluten-free craft beers are growing in popularity with many breweries producing amazing options for those with celiac and gluten sensitivities. Visit our first ever Gluten-Free Taproom in 2023 to explore a variety of gluten-free craft beers.

State Guild Pavilion:  Unified, active State Brewers Guilds are one of the most important means of protecting and promoting a state’s independently-owned craft breweries.

This exciting pavilion inside the Great American Beer Festival hall is made up of Nonprofit Brewers Guilds showcasing unique beers from their home states—all of which are not available anywhere else in the festival hall.

Designated Driver Lounge: The Great American Beer Festival is proud to support the designated drivers who attend the festival to ensure a safe ride home for their friends and have a special lounge just for them. You can register to send your non-alcoholic beer, seltzer, kombucha, or soft drinks for our designated drivers to enjoy in this area.

How to Donate

All beer donations are managed through the festival registration process. Coming soon…