Please select from the two options below to Enter the Competition or get a Booth at the festival.


Read Eligibility Requirements for breweries before applying online.

The registration period may close earlier than June 21 if we reach capacity for the number of entries we are able to judge.

1: Enter the Competition (June 13 – June 21)

Here’s the info you’ll need to register:

  • New for 2023: Competition registration now requires that you sign in with your Brewers Association login. Your username is the email address associated with your Brewers Association account.
    • If you need to reset your password you can request a reset email.
    • If you are the roster management admin for your company, be sure to verify that the employee registering for GABF is on your company’s roster by logging into and going to Manage My Account.
    • Still need to set up login credentials to Reach out to us at or 1-303-447-0816
  • Brewers Association membership is not required to enter the competition. If you are not a member of the Brewers Association and wish to register for the competition, you will need to reach out to or 1-303-447-0816 to set up your login credentials to access registration.
  • TTB Basic Permit/Brewer’s Notice Number
  • Brewery of the Year Category: Based on 2022 barrelage – breweries will be asked to verify their 2022 production information during registration.
  • Multiple locations? See this Brewery of the Year Info on why you should consider the new Brewery Group of the Year category!
  • Brewmaster/Brewery Team name: Up to two (2) individual(s) or a team name you’d like to recognize if you win Brewery of the Year.
  • Number of Competition Entries: Number of beers you hope to enter in GABF competition (for planning purposes only, number requested is not guaranteed).
  • Non-Exclusive License Agreement: Read and understand the GABF Non-Exclusive License Agreement fully. This outlines how your brewery may use the GABF trademarked logo and name in the event of a medal win. (More details on the Promote Your Win page.)
  • Registration payment: $175 per beer entry for BA Members / $405 per beer entry for non-members is due with application, and covers the cost of the first competition beer entry. Credit card only, no checks.
  • After you complete your application, you’ll be able to log back in to your registration with your BA login credentials at to review and make changes until the July 21 changes/refund deadline.

All registered GABF Beer Brand Names must comply with the BA Advertising and Marketing Code.

Registration check list

  • Did you double check your brewery info?
  • Did you carefully read and sign the license agreement (by checking the “I Agree” box)?
  • Double check the Brewery of the Year category information? If you disagree with the Brewery of the Year category shown, please notify Joe Damgaard.
  • Once you complete your beer registration, you’ll see a confirmation of your entries. Review all of the information carefully. Should you need to change anything, simply log back in with your BA login credentials at
  • Ship competition entries. These must arrive between Monday, August 14 and Friday, August 18, 2023. Please follow all instructions here.

GABF brewery registration (competition & festival) is open from June 13 to 21, 2023. Festival registration will take place on a new and separate platform in 2023.

Festival registration will be open from June 15 to June 28, 2023. Registration may close early if capacity is reached prior to June 28.

Please go to the GABF Festival Registration to register.