The Great American Beer Festival Taprooms showcase innovative small and independent craft brewers and their incredible beer.

Gluten-Free Garden presented by Holidaily Brewing

Discover a diverse selection of delicious and flavorful gluten-free beers at the NEW Gluten-Free Garden presented by Holidaily Brewing. For a complete list of gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers served throughout the festival hall, search by Gluten-Free on the Breweries and Beers page.

Alcohol-Free Oasis

Explore the realm of delicious drinks brimming with intense flavors yet 0% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) at the NEW Alcohol-Free Oasis. For a complete list of non-alcohol beers served throughout the festival hall, search by NA Beers on the Breweries and Beers page.

Collab Country/Pro-Am

The craft brewing community is all about teamwork. Sample these unique and limited-edition beers from craft brewery collaborations, as well as professional and amateur brewer collaborations.

Heavy Medal

All hail the victors! Taste gold, silver, and bronze beers from past GABF and World Beer Cup award winners — all under one roof! If you had a “Best of” beer list, or fridge “must-haves,” all of these beers would be on it!

Wish We Were Here

Life gets busy and plans change. These breweries wish they could attend, but did the next best thing and sent their love and beer to be poured at this taproom.

United in Beer

At the United in Beer Taproom, attendees have the opportunity to meet state guild representatives, learn about different states’ beer cultures and their statewide initiatives, enjoy interactive displays—and taste beers from those states that are not available anywhere else in the hall.

International Pavilion in partnership with Elite Brands

For the first time in the history of the GABF, we’ve invited some of our international brewery friends to experience the excitement of pouring at the festival! In partnership with Elite Brands, our generous host distributor, we’re proud to announce the following breweries from Belgium, Germany, and Iceland will be joining the fun this year at our new International Pavilion