3 Days, 600 Breweries, 2,800+ Beers

Great American Beer Festival

Simply put, there’s going to be a lot of beer at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), and lots of fun people to enjoy it with. Look at it this way, the only mathematical way to try each beer over the course of four GABF sessions is to taste 700 ounces of beer per session—that’s almost five and a half gallons, which is neither humanly possible, nor acceptable. Come on people, Savor the Flavor Responsibly!

As for the 49,000 attendees, if you wanted to say “Pröst!” to every single one, you’d need to do that at the rate of 51 individual “Prösts!” per minute over the course of each 4+ hour session. We recommend assembling small groups to make this easier. That way you can do several people at once. You wouldn’t want to lose your voice now, would you?

But wait! Let’s not forget the guys and gals who make this festival so great—the brewers! If you wanted to personally thank each brewer for their awesome nectar, you’d need to make time to see 150 brewers per session, which isn’t that unrealistic. That would be a thank-you rate of about 38 per hour. Time to practice that friendly smile!