Brewers Studio Schedule

Seeking beery enlightenment? The Brewers Studio is where you can relax and sip your way through epic stories, impeccable pairings, and palate-pleasing discoveries. Stay awhile!

Malt & Salt: A Perfectly Twisted Pairing

Melissa Romano : Co-owner of Lake Ann Brew House


Melissa Romano, co-owner and co-founder of Lake Anne Brew House and Nordic-Knot pretzel bakery in Reston, Virginia, will take attendees on a twisted adventure pairing soft pretzels and beer. Learn how the same ingredients come together to make two very different products in the brewery and bakery. Attendees will sample exclusive, award-winning small-batch brews from Lake Anne Brew House alongside craft soft pretzels hand milled, rolled, and baked by Nordic-Knot, in collaboration with Brewers Association Chef Adam Duyle.

Beer, Brats, and Dr. Bart Watson

Bart Watson: Chief Economist, Brewers Association


You know what pairs perfectly with beer? Data! And expert analysis! Join Brewers Association Chief Economist Bart Watson while he runs through historical, current, and fun data points about the craft brewing industry. If you’re ready to take your beer geekery to the next level, be sure to catch this talk with industry insider Dr. Bart Watson.

Beer and Culture: Fermenting Fun for Society

Jamie Floyd: Co-founder, Ninkasi Brewing


Beer has been an intimate part of human existence since the Sumerians praised Ninkasi, the goddess of fermentation, in the first millennium BCE. Breweries were social hubs that shared culture and language. Thousands of years later, beer inspires Ninkasi Brewing Company to send yeast to space, do comic book collaborations with Dark Horse Comics, and celebrate our communal culture through beer. Beer creates passions for brewers who, in return, pay tribute and share culture (that is not just yeast) with each other and countless beer enthusiasts.

Makin’ Seltzy!

Jon Courtois: Production Manager, Roadhouse Brewing Company


Follow Roadhouse’s winding journey into making hard seltzer in their own unique style, with pairings from Cream + Sugar Artisan Ice Cream located in Jackson Hole, WY.

Collaboration Over Competition Every Single Day

Sam Calagione: Co-founder, Dogfish Head Brewery


Dogfish Head brewer and founder will share the dynamics, benefits, and good karma that powered internal and external collaborations at Dogfish Head over the last three decades. SeaQuench Ale and Wake Up World Wide Stout will be shared during the session and Wake Up World Wide Stout will be paired with chocolate selected by Brewers Association Chef Adam Dulye.

Legends of the GABF

Garrett Oliver: The Brooklyn Brewery


Garrett Oliver is what the English would describe as “an absolute legend,” and the legendary stories he has from the Great American Beer Festival and the world of brewing will be sure to delight. Join Garrett and sip on a few beers as he shares tales from his pioneering career in beer. It’s like an invitation to a speakeasy — but no password required.

Beyond the Food and Beer Pairing

Doug Miller – Cornell University Chef

Mike Wille – Culinary Institute of America

1:00PM – 1:45PM

Chef Mike Wille from the Culinary Institute of America and Douglass Miller from Cornell University will discuss how you can think about pairing beer with food in new ways. Enjoy beer from the brewery at The Culinary Institute of America with food that will expand what you thought was possible.

Wisconsin Beer & Cheese Experience

Michael Landis – Beer & Cheese Author & Educator

Henry Schartz – CEO, MobCraft Beer Inc.


Take a trip to America’s dairyland and undisputed cheese paradise: Wisconsin. Michael Landis, educator and author of Beer, Cheese, Stories, along with Henry Schwartz, CEO of MobCraft Beer Inc., will walk you through four Wisconsin beer and cheese pairings.

One Tipsy Idea: The Lady Justice Brewing Story

Betsy Lay – Co-founder, Lady Justice Brewing


In 2014, three women had a few beers and invented a social enterprise brewery model that has since raised ten of thousands of dollars for nonprofits. Co-founder Betsy Lay shares how they did it.

Time To Get Hooked on Homebrewing

Julia Herz – Executive Director, American Homebrewers Association

7:30PM – 8:00PM

Join Julia Herz, executive director of the American Homebrewers Association and human firecracker, for a truly unique and memorable session. This talk will cover the latest trends in homebrewing, leading homebrew resources, and the ‘why’ and ‘reward’ of homebrewing. Attendees will sample some of Julia’s homebrew and homemade mead (honey wine). This talk is relevant for advanced homebrewers, beginning homebrewers, and anyone in the food and beverage community