The Great American Beer Festival Pavilions showcase some of the ways that small and independent craft beer has become a huge part of so many aspects of our lives. From the way we eat to the places we travel, craft beer enriches our experiences and connects us to the culture of new places.

The pavilions provide the perfect place to relax and hear from some of the most talented and charismatic brewers in the U.S.

Brewers Studio

Hosted by The Brewing Network

Embark on a journey with the provocative personalities and innovators of the brewing community as they share their stories and beers. Learn about the creative processes behind some of today’s most successful craft beers.

Thursday, October 3

6:30 p.m. | The Innovation at Allagash with Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing

Join master brewer Jason Perkins on a guided tasting of three new beers from Allagash Brewing Company. The tasting will feature a Pilsner with Brett, a witbier, and a sour beer aged on cherries. Explore the flavors of these diverse styles and learn how brewers are exploring new techniques, ingredients, and styles. Maine lobster will be paired with the Pilsner to showcase the style’s compatibility with shellfish.

7:30 p.m. | Good Bugs Fermentation Series: An Altered State of Haze with Jensen Cummings, Brewed Food, Good Bugs; John Giarratano, Inland Island Yeast; Alyssa Thorpe, Jagged Mountain; Amanda Oberbroeckling, Odd13 Brewing; Brandon Boldt, 4 Noses Brewing Company

Join chef and Certified Cicerone Jensen Cummings of Brewed Food and Good Bugs amd John Giarratano of Inland Island Yeast for an exploration of altered fermentations of hazy NEIPA. The duo collaborated with Odd13, 4 Noses, and Jagged Mountain to create a single base beer recipe, then each brewery used a unique yeast strain for fermentation. See and taste for yourself the results of this innovative approach!

8:30 p.m. | Fresh Hop with Kyle O’Loughlin, Great Divide Brewing Company

What’s the difference between fresh hops, wet hops, and dry hopping? Join Great Divide brewing manager Kyle O’Loughlin for a deeper dive into these various hopping techniques and their utilization in the brewing process.

Friday, October 4

6:30 p.m. | Open Top Fermentation with Vinnie & Natalie Cilurzo, Russian River Brewing Company

Hear Russian River’s story of choosing and installing open-top fermenters, taste two open-top fermented beers, and learn about the benefits of brewing using open top fermentation.

7:30 p.m. | Clear to Hazy Comparison with Jamil Zainasheff, Heretic Brewing Company

Come explore the mouthfeel, flavor, color, and aroma of a popular style. Join Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewing Company on a guided tasting comparing clear, hazy, and fruited hazy IPAs. Learn about the brewer’s approach to each style and the direction each beer can take the palate regarding flavor and mouthfeel. Taste how heat from chilis in a dish interact with each style and decide if your palate is quenched, settled, or lit on fire from each bite.

8:30 p.m. | Building a Unique Barrel Program at a Small Brewery with Chris Davison, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Being a small brewery doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with barrel aging beer. Since 2015, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s barrel program has grown from three local bourbon barrels to more than 130 casks of various spirits and sizes from all over the world. Come sample a unique array of the many experimental beers Wolf’s Ridge brews with wood in mind.

Saturday, October 5, Member Session

1:00 p.m. | Not Your Father’s Fruit Beer: From Sour to Gluten Free with Thomas Vo & Blaine Landberg, Calicraft Brewing Company

Fruit beers can be more than orange hefeweizens and strawberry blonde ales. Join Blaine Landberg and Thomas Vo of Calicraft as they lead a curated tasting of these versatile beers. Explore how fruit interacts with yeast and bacteria, how acidity and bitterness play a role in perception, and how fruit (instead of malt and hops) can be the defining flavor in gluten-free beverages. Tasting will include a selection of barrel-aged sours, tropical fruit beers, and gluten-free beverages.

2:00 p.m. | Understating Taste Through Beer with Doug Miller, Cornell University

When you consume beer, you only taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or umami. What you experience is flavor: the combination of taste, smell, temperature, and mood. Come explore with Douglass Miller, lecturer from the SC Johnson College of Business, The Hotel School at Cornell University, and learn how what you taste can impact your personal experience with beer from Odell Brewing Company.

Saturday, October 5, Evening Session

6:30 p.m. | Keeping the Shirt Buttoned with Juice Drapeau, Oskar Blues Brewery; Eric Bowen, Oskar Blues Restaurants

Join Juice Drapeau, head brewer and innovations guru for Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colo., and Oskar Blues head chef Eric Bowen as they showcase the lighter styles of Oskar Blues.

7:30 p.m. | Latinos in Beer with Jose Beteta, Suave Fest & Raices Brewing Company

Learn about the trajectory of beer throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and why certain styles prevail more than others. Explore the role of Latinos in the current beer industry and the intersection of beer and culture.


Check out the ther ’round the campfire to sip beers as Andy Sparhawk of hosts some of the best-known—and under-the-radar—independent craft brewers! The Campground for the ultimate beer experience at the Great American Beer Festival. The Pavilion offers a fun and interactive way to immerse yourself in the world of small and independent craft brewers. Meet some of today’s hottest brewers and industry professionals, taste beers with professional beer judges, and more. Step into the world of, where you’ll find the perfect match between beer education and entertainment.

Sit & Sip

Gather ’round the campfire to sip beers as Andy Sparhawk of hosts some of the best-known—and under-the-radar—independent craft brewers! The Campground is located near The Backyard.

Times and presenters are subject to change.

Thursday, October 3

6:30 p.m. | Sit & Sip Exclusive: How to Send Back a Beer at a Bar! with Bridget Gaunter and Matt Meadows, BA Draught Beer Quality Chair

Matt Meadows and Bridget Gauntner of the Brewers Association’s Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee want you to help promote quality beer at all of your favorite drinking holes. This presentation will arm you with knowledge regarding the importance of a proper pour, glassware, and clean lines and what to look for as a customer. It’s okay to send back a beer to the bar if it doesn’t taste right. Bridget and Matt will demonstrate how to do this tactfully.

7:30 p.m. | Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery

Garrett Oliver is the Brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery, the author of The Brewmaster’s Table and Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer. Over his 30-year career he has brought many innovations to craft brewing, including the world’s first brewing collaborations, beers based on cocktails, secondary fermentation on natural wine and cider lees, and a particular focus on beer’s culinary talents. Garrett has hosted more than 1,000 beer dinners and tastings in 17 countries. In 2014 he became the first brewer to win the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for “Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional.”

8:30 p.m. |  Jake Kempster, Community Relations Specialist,  Odd Side Ales

Odd Side Ales is a family of gifted individuals, focused on the shared goal of crafting unique products, while maintaining the utmost quality. With a focus to creatively stay on the leading edge of craft beer styling, Odd Side strives to introduce new recipes that push the boundaries of flavor combinations and craft beer categories.

Friday, October 4

6:30 p.m. | Mari and Will Kemper, Co-Founders, Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen

Mari and Will Kemper have brought exceptional craft beers to their customers across America, Mexico and Turkey since 1984 and are glad to bring guests their exceptional beer and food in an inspiring, friendly, and lively environment. Chuckanut was recognized as the Small Brewpub/Brewer of the Year in 2009 and 2011 confirming that their approach results in making some of the best beers in the world.

7:30 p.m. | Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune and Author of Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out: Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch, and How Craft Beer Became Big Business

Josh Noel has written about beer and the beer industry for the Chicago Tribune since 2009. He is the author of “Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out: Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch and How Craft Beer Became Big Business,” which tells the story of craft beer’s rise from scrappy underdog to global force demanding the attention of the world’s largest beer companies. “Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out” was named best book of 2018 by the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

8:30 p.m. | Shyla Sheppard, Founder and CEO, Bow & Arrow Brewing

After nearly a decade of investing in and supporting other entrepreneur’s dreams, Shyla left her position with a social impact investing firm in late 2013 to pursue filling her own niche in the craft beer industry. With a love for craft beer, brewing, entertaining and design, along with the support of her partner, family, and friends, she took on the challenge of developing Bow & Arrow from the ground up. As Founder and CEO, Shyla has been responsible for setting the vision for Bow & Arrow and for the nitty gritty details of development and execution of a business plan, financing strategy, securing capital, building a team, contract negotiations, site selection, and design/development of the brewery and onsite Beer Hall.

Saturday, October 5, Member Session

1:30 p.m. | Sit & Sip Exclusive: Lallemand

Lallemand’s presence in the brewing industry dates from the early 1970s when the company started producing dried pure culture brewing yeasts for beer kit manufacturers in Canada. In subsequent years, this activity was expanded to the production of other specific ale and lager beer yeast strains for different clients in the United States, Europe and Australia and Asia.

2:30 p.m. | Judd Belstock, Owner, Founder, Dos Luces Brewery

For thousands of years, Chicha and Pulque were the two bright lights illuminating the way for brewers in the Americas. Brewed from gluten-free ingredients, corn and aguamiel, these beers are rich in flavor and deep with history. Little known in the US, Dos Luces looks to these traditions for inspiration and aims to explore the vast possibilities these truly American ingredients hold. Come join us and drink something old and new, complex and simple. Come follow the lights, come follow Dos Luces.

Saturday, October 5, Evening Session

6:30 p.m. | Collin McDonnell, Co-Founder, HenHouse Brewing

Founded in 2011, HenHouse Brewing cranks out awesome beers with an uncompromising and fearless pursuit of our goal: creating new and interesting kinds of delicious. HenHouse is the work of our hands, hearts and brains and we hope you enjoy the beer as much as we enjoy making it.

7:30 p.m. | Andy and Alicia Barr, Co-Founders, FiftyFifty Brewing

FiftyFifty Brewing Co. in is best known around the world for its Eclipse Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. The brewery is also widely praised for its styles including Donner Party Porter, West Coast Haze and TRK. FiftyFifty won “Brewery Group of the Year” at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival.

8:30 p.m. | Sit & Sip Exclusive: Bottle Share

Bottleshare supports industry workers and families experiencing adversity outside of the workplace, reciprocating the love and strength that characterizes craft culture and the people that make it so special. When a fellow craft beverage worker is experiencing an emergency or extreme hardship, we not only want to help them financially, we want to lift their spirits, give them something to celebrate, and share our story in such a way that they feel their very own hope renewed.

Protect Craft Guilds

Protect Craft

Protect Indie Craft Beer!

State brewers guilds are one of the most important voices in protecting and promoting a state or region’s independently-owned, American craft breweries! Enjoy craft beers from participating guilds as they showcase 169 unique breweries from their home states not available elsewhere in the festival hall!

Learn about different states’ beer cultures, member breweries, and the guilds’ initiatives.

Arizona Craft Brewers Guild

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company Taildragger Clandestine
Huss Brewing Company Koffee Kolsch
Lumberyard Brewing Company Flagstaff IPA
Goldwater Brewing Company Double Dry Hopped Hop Chowda
The Perch Brewery Tangerweenie
Mother Road Brewing Company Tower Station
SanTan Brewing Company OktoberFest
Dragoon Refraction
Grand Canyon Brewery & Distillery Sunset Amber
O.H.S.O. Brewery Popcycle Blonde

Colorado Brewers Guild

Snowbank Brewing Cranknbrew
Snowbank Brewing Snow Juice
Phantom Canyon Brewing Company Authentiek
Phantom Canyon Brewing Company Fresh to Death
Station 26 Brewing Company Juicy Banger IPA
Station 26 Brewing Company Lemon Lavender Blonde
14er Brewing Company Key Lime Pie Cream Ale
14er Brewing Company Rocky Mountain Saison

DC Brewers’ Guild

Valor Brewpub Schwartzbier
DC Brau Brewing Company Pastry Boi
3 Stars Brewing Company 808s
Atlas Brew Works Ugly & Stoned
District Chophouse and Brewery Oktoberfest
Bluejacket Smoked Bock
Hellbender Brewing Company Dunkelweisse
Gordon Biersch – Navy Yard Spalter Pils
Right Proper Brewing Company Baron Corvo Cuvee 2

Florida Brewers Guild

Rapp Brewing Company Gose
Perfect Plain Brewing Company Arpent
First Magnitude Brewing Company Drift
3 Daughters Brewing A Wake Coffee Blonde
Aardwolf Brewing Company Notorious F.I.G.
Mastry’s Brewing Company Boca Ciega
Coppertail Brewing Company Hop Skull #3
Biscayne Bay Brewing Company La Colada Porter

Georgia Craft Brewers Guild

Eventide Citrus Grove
Eventide The A
Creature Comforts Tropicalia
Creature Comforts Bibo
Gate City Awe Juice!!!
Service Brewing Teuful Hunden
Service Brewing Brewer’s Release No.7, Juicy IPA

Illinois Craft Brewers Guild

Hailstorm Brewing Boat Drinks
Metal Monkey Brewing  El Jefe German Hefeweizen
Old Irving Brewing Oktoberfest
On Tour Brewery Lightning Will Pilsner
Side Lot Brewery Jimmy the Weasel
Adams Street Brewery Dunkel
Aleman LadiesMan
Old Bakery Beer Basil Pale Ale
Revolution Hazy Hero
Maplewood Brewery & Distillery Fat Pug

Iowa Brewers Guild

Peace Tree Brewing Company Cold Brew Coffee Stout
Confluence Brewing Company Special Saison #2
Kalona Brewing Company Kalona Classic
Parkside Brewing Company Spoon Gopher
Lion Bridge Brewing Company The Spice Must Flow!
West O Beer CocO Stout
SingleSpeed Brewing Company Ring Around the Gose
Iowa Brewing Company Tragedy of the Common
Big Grove Brewery Easy Eddy
Keg Creek Brewing Company Moongold Apricot Ale

Brewers Association of Maryland

Smoketown Brewing Station Maryland Rye Maryland
B.C. Brewery Ceal Team Naturally Gluten Free Stout Ale
Pooles Island Brewing Company Beer Wine Hybrid
Mobtown Brewing Company Blacksmith

Michigan Brewers Guild

Dragonmead Microbrewery Castlebrite Apricot Ale
New Holland Brewing Co. Tangerine Space Machine
Rockford Brewing Rogue River Brown
Stormcloud Brewing Whiled Away IPA
Wolverine State Brewing NZ Pils
Cheboygan Brewing Co. Blood Orange Honey
Old Nation Brewing M-43
Saugatuck Brewing Co. Blueberry Maple Stout
Short’s Brewing Co. A Tribe Called Zest
Upper Hand Brewery IPA

Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

Canal Park Brewing Company Hank & Dab’s
Three Twenty Brewing Co. Happy Wife Porter
Revelation Ale Works Double Brown
Fair State Brewing Cooperative Mirror Universe
Pryes Brewing Company Royal Raspberry Sour
56 Brewing Raspberry Berliner Weisse
Unmapped Brewing Co Purgatory Pils
Back Channel Brewing King of the Wring
Able Seedhouse + Brewery First Light
Steel Toe Brewing Size 4

Montana Brewers Association

Überbrew Amora
Snow Hop Brewery Zorza Grodziskie
Überbrew Humulus Insani
Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company Mountain Man
Gild Brewing Survey Says
Bozeman Brewing Co. Vieux Bois 3 Year Blend #1
KettleHouse Brewing Company Northwest IPA
Conflux Brewing Company Wood Aged Ginger Farmhouse Saison
KettleHouse Brewing Company Cold Smoke Scotch Ale
Meadowlark Brewing Fungus Shui

Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild

Upstream Brewing Company Brewers Drupe
5168 Brewing Company Hawaiian Porter
Pals Brewing Company Jalapeno Cream Ale
Infusion Brewing Company Wolf Dragon IPA
Zipline Brewing Company DAAANG! IPA
Lazy Horse Brewing Company Salted Caramel Blonde
Pint Nine Brewing Company Oso Cafe Brown
Empyrean Brewing Company Peanut Butter Porter
Kros Strain Brewing Company Fairy Nectar IPA
First Street Brewing Company First Street White Ale

New Mexico Brewers Guild

Cloudcroft Brewing Viking Ale
Cloudcroft Brewing Pistachio Nut Brown
Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque Luna Rosa
Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque H-E-Dubbel Hockey Sticks
Palmer Brewery & Cider House MWA (Malt with Attitude)
Roosevelt Brewing Company Glitter Fist
Toltec Brewing Sacred ALTar

New York State Brewers Association

Industrial Arts Brewing Landscapes
Binghamton Brewing Purple Rain
Two Goats Brewing Cream Ale
Strong Rope Brewery Blood of Gods
Ithaca Beer Brew York
Steuben Brewing Company NY Farm Double IPA
Hudson Valley Brewery Unity of Place, NYS Sour IPA
Sing Sing Kill Brewery Killer Cream Ale

North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild

Bond Brothers Beer Company Gin Duality of Funk
Wise Man Brewing Mountain Calling
Sycamore Brewing Sun Grown Lager
Koi Pond Brewing Company Falls Road Golden
Little Brother Brewing Civil Rest Hefeweizen
Resident Culture Brewing Company Vicky Virago
BearWaters Brewing Company Heavy Cream
Mason Jar Lager Company Luchador Mexican Lager

Ohio Craft Brewers Association

Earnest Brew Works Crunchy Hippie
Ignite Brewing Cherry Blonde
The Land-Grant Brewing Company Concentrate V.103
Little Fish Brewing Company Petit Poisson
Maize Valley Brewery Monk in Public
Market Garden Brewery Progress Pils
Pretentious Barrel House Sybarite with Peaches
Royal Docks Brewing Company Pendragon
Streetside Brewery Apple Brandy Demogorgon
Yellow Springs Brewery Boat Show

Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma

Frenzy Brewing Unspeakable Things
Enid Brewing Co. Controlled Burn
Nothing’S Left Brewing Co. Deez Nuts
Twisted Spike Brewing Blood Orange Ipa
Cabin Boys Brewery Goin’ Stag
Anthem Brewing Rad Hombre
Lazy Circles Brewing 400 Block
Skydance Brewing Fancy Dance
Prairie Artisan Ales Rainbow Sherbet

Oregon Brewers Guild

Allegory Brewing Dayton Grand Cru Peche, Brett Farmhouse Ale
Sunriver Brewing Co. Double Dank Double IPA
Baerlic Brewing Dad Beer
Deschutes Brewery Freyja Belgian Tripel
pFriem Family Brewers Saison
Breakside Brewery True Gold
Little Beast Brewing Golden Stone
Little Beast Brewing Fera
Wild Ride Brewing Hippy Haze IPA, Hazy IPA

Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. House United Coffee Stout
Oak Highlands Brewery Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Porter with Tart Cherries
Real Ale Brewing Co Sisyphus
AquaBrew Brewery & Beer Garden Swine Dive IPA
Pondaseta Brewing Company Pondaseta Premium
Wild Acre Brewing Co. Texas Blonde
Saint Arnold Brewing Company Pumpkinator 2018
Community Beer Company Citra Slice India Pale Ale w/ Citrus Peel
Austin Beerworks Tesso

Wisconsin Brewers Guild

3 Sheeps Brewing Company The Wolf
MobCraft Beer Gier Bier Lager
The Brewing Projekt Resist Mango Smoothie
Potosi Brewing Company Potosi Cave Ale
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. Babble Rouser
McFleshman’s Brewing Co McFleshman’s Oktoberfest
Lakefront Brewery New Grist Gose
O’so Brewing Company Night Rain

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